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Comprehensive Plan 2008 - 2010

Voter Awareness Program

Comprehensive Plan 2008 - 2010
Development of multi-municipal comprehensive plan
that would identify issues and concerns in order to
establish the priorities and goals for the Forest Hills
Region for the next five years.                                              Download:   Page 1
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Voter Awareness Program
Ongoing program coordinated through the
Cambria County Elections Office

St. Michael Historical Trails
Both walking and biking trails located within the
Adams Township community. These trails are open
to the entire community and surrounding areas.
Community Park
An ongoing project to design and build a
commmunity park for the local communitites.
Shared Municipal Equipment Agreement
The Forest Hills Regional Alliance has created an
agreement between several of the surrounding
municipalities to allow equipment sharing throughout
the seven or so local governments.
Shared Police Services
A new project and service that will be starting this year. This service will be active in the South Fork and Croyle Township areas.
Professional Training Program
In cooperating with the Pennsylvania State Association of
Townships and the Governor's Center for Local Government, professional training sessions were offered to municipal
officials throughout the county in 2006 and 2007. This professional training focused mainly on budget development and management. It is anticipated that this will continue in 2009.
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